39th. Saipan International Fishing Tournament 140.3 lbs. Marlin by Team "Botin Saba" 2023 Champions
39th. Saipan International Fishing Tournament 140.3 lbs. Marlin by Team "Botin Saba"2023 Champions  
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WPACFIN - CNMI's Advisory Panel
2015 Update: After reviewing a total of 25 applicants, the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council has approved (12) WPACFIN - Advisory Panel members and (4) Alternate(s) for the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. Please see list below.
WPACFIN Island Coordinator – Jack Ogumoro – DLNR
Marianas-CNMI Pelagic Fisheries
Mr. Pedro (Pete) Itibus
Mr. Richard Seman
Mr. Juan Diego Tenorio
Island Fisheries
Mr. Francisco LG Aldan
Mr. Richard Farrell, DLC. – Tinian
Mr. Manny Ramon
Indigenous Fishing Rights
Mr. Lawrence Concepcion
Mr. Raymond Dela Cruz – Tinian
Mr. Perry Mesngon – Rota
Ecosystems and Habitat
Mr. Floyd Masga
Mr. Ray Tebuteb
Mr. Joaquin P. Villagomez
Mr. Juan Diego Blanco
Mr. Michael Fleming
Mr. Cecilio Raiukiulipi
Mr. Lino Tenorio
The Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council Advisory Panel (AP) - The council receives advice from a panel of recreational and commercial fishermen, charter boat operators, buyers, sellers, consumers and other knowledgeable about the fisheries in the region, including indigenous fisheries. The panel includes sub panels for the American Samoa Archipelago, Hawaii Archipelago, Mariana Archipelago and Pacific Pelagic Ecosystem.

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