35th. Saipan International Fishing Tournament
35th. Saipan International Fishing Tournament 
CNMI Fish Aggregating Device
For more information please contact the Division of Fish & Wildlife at 664-6000.

Due to Typhoon Yutu, the Division of Fish and Wildlife’s Fisheries Research Section is currently in process of deploying new fish aggregation devices, also known as FADs at the following locations:

Buoy: FF
Latitude: 14°59’45.8”N
Longitude: 145°27’25.3”E
Buoy: CC
Latitude: 14°59’33.6”N
Longitude: 145°43’45.8”E
Image of FADs aounds the Rota, Tinian and Saipan. Warning FADs may be gone due to climatic weather or due to wear.

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