Picture of Trophies
Picture of Trophies
33rd Saipan International Fishing Tournament
33rd Saipan International Fishing Tournament 
P.O. Box 506561 CK, Saipan MP, 96950-6561
Saipan Fishermen's Association
1. President, Gene Weaver
2. Vice-President, Tony Scragg
3. Treasurer, Martin Duenas
4. Secretary, Maryann Santos
5. PR & AD Committee Chair, Martin Duenas
6. Solicitation Committee Chair, Curtis Dancoe
7. Weighing & Recording Committee Chair, Vacant
8. Boating Safety Committee Chair, John Diaz
9. Prize Committee Chair, Gene Weaver & Martin Duenas
10. Rules Committee, Diego Benavente
11. Entertainment Committee Chair, Vicky Benavente
12. Welcoming Committee Chair, Vacant
13. Beautification Committee Chair - Vacant

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Saipan Fishermen's Association

Gene Weaver, SFA President
Saipan, 96950

Phone: +1 670 2369700

E-mail: gweaver64@gmail.com

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